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“Capable, dedicated, and eager to assist our employees. Help is always available to us by personal contact, e-mail, or pager as appropriate. Simplified Computer Solutions is totally responsible for our electronic success. We are most pleased with their help.”

Michael S. Walsh, Ph.D.
Vapor Technologies

“A big plus in working with Simplified Computer Solutions is the ability to contact them quickly. They return my calls quickly and make service calls quickly.”

Carol Steele
Systems Analyst
Brad Steele & Associates

“I have worked with Simplified IT Solutions for years, and have recommended them to many of my customers. They get the job done right the first time and are continuously committed to improvement. Simpinc are definitely my go to guys for IT support.”

Walter Daumler
Sales Engineer
Cbeyond Inc.

“I would recommend Simplified IT Solutions without hesitation to anyone who needs a network consultant. They keep all aspects of our system running well, and we have had virtually no downtime in the 12 years we’ve worked with them. They are knowledgeable and responsive when we have questions or problems, and I truly enjoy working with them. I don’t worry about our network at all, and that’s important to me.”

Kay Leiner
Director of Operations
South Metro Denver REALTOR Association

“Simplified IT Solutions and I provided our respective services to a number of mutual clients. I can attest to their technical and project management skills, and I would certainly recommend them for their integrity.”

Gordon Young
Owner, Software Developer
Anstar Consulting

“Simplified IT Solutions are a very thorough and knowledgeable group of engineers. I have worked in conjunction with them on several projects, as well as having leaned on them as a resource for issue resolution. They understand the process and how important it is to plan and put effort in up front to increase efficiencies in the future. Any client would benefit from having Simplified IT Solutions work with them.”

Stephen Price
IT consultant
Price Consulting



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