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Reduce IT Costs

Online Backup & Restore

Disasters can come when you least expect them and in many forms – floods, earthquakes, power outages, and more. The important thing is to be prepared so critical data can be recovered and your organization can become operational as soon as possible. Define and plan what you need to protect, how to protect it, and how to restore it when a disaster strikes your business.

Server Virtualization

Underutilized and outdated servers waste your money and energy. A physical server requires hardware, power, cooling, and maintenance. Virtualized servers save money on hardware, energy and maintenance costs. Buying only the server space you need reduces your cost of ownership, maintenance overhead, and energy use.

Develop an IT Budget

A long-term budget helps you anticipate and reduce IT costs and purchasing. An IT roadmap eliminates surprises and predicts your IT spending well into the future – taking the guesswork and uncertainty out of your overhead costs.


Consider allowing proven employees to telecommute via Remote Desktop or VPN (Virtual Private Network). A happy, well-rested employee is likely to be more productive when they don’t have to waste time and money on commuting to the office. In addition, they are more willing to work on backlogged projects during off-hours or weekends.

Get Rid Of Spam

Data suggests that the number of spam messages are doubling year-over-year and will only continue to get worse. Not only does spam waste valuable employee time that could be spent on critical business initiatives, the influx of messages can also take up valuable server space or carry viruses that can cause server damage to company systems.

Outsource Your IT

Consider outsourcing your Business IT services to a company that helps you centralize and reduce IT costs, so you can use your staff’s manpower to perform their proper job duties. You’ve invested a lot of money on your employees – you’ll never get your full return on your investment if they are dealing with never-ending IT requests and never-fixed problems.


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