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Green IT

Having served Front Range businesses for over seventeen years, Simplified IT Solutions understand our community’s distinctive commitment to balancing business objectives with social responsibility. As technology evolves, the changes we make to become less wasteful not only benefit the planet, but also the bottom line. Simplified IT Solutions can work with you to make your business greener and save money at constant time.

  • E-recycling: It refers to processing consumer and business electronic equipment that are close to or at the end of their purposeful life. Recycling your consumer and business equipment that cannot be repaired saves resources and helps the planet by reducing the quantity of new metals that have to be mined. Additionally, some electronic materials are classified as hazardous waste, depending on their condition and density and cannot be disposed of with municipal trash.
  • Paperless Office: It refers to reducing or fully eliminating the utilization of papers from an office environment. This is achieved by using scanners rather than copy machines, sending electronic faxes rather than paper faxes, and storing data electronically rather than in filing cabinets. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of a workplace while also reducing IT costs.
  • Power Efficient Equipment: Computer and office equipment typically contribute anywhere around thirty to fifty five percent of tenant energy use. With the development of technologies, more power efficient instrumentation have been made accessible to office and businesses alike. The EPA estimates that a 1,000-computer office could typically save 200,000 kWh by enabling monitor power management features – that’s about $20,000 a year or emissions from 27 cars.
  • Virtualization: Scale back your server fleet and extend the life of your computer equipment, while reducing the amount of electricity your organization uses. Virtualization also can improve your pre­paredness for natural disasters.



Green Your IT

For more information and tips, contact us and we will take a look at your businesses current environment, and advise you how to make it more resourceful.